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Purple Sweet Potato & Chickpea Salad with Green Beans and Mint.

Nov 4, 2017

Purple sweet potatoes and packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & anti-inflammatory anthocyanins. With green beans and mint now in season try this lovely colourful salad.


Purple Sweet Potato


Green Beans







  1. Wash & scrub the sweet potatoes and cut onto equal size chunks. Place in a baking tray and
    sprinkle with mustard and cumin seeds. Seasons and drizzle with olive and roast in the oven at
    180’c for approx 20 min until just turning soft.
  2. Whilst they are in the oven trimmed blanch the green beans for approx 4 min, drain and chill in iced
    water. Drain & rinse the chickpeas and add to a blow with the drained green beans. Once cooked
    add the sweet potatoes and toss together with fresh mint and lemon zest, serve with houmus,
    mixed greens and warm pitta bread.



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